“Support Post Workers, Refuse Disinformation”

1. Moderator makes the opening remarks covering:

– Notify attendees that we start recording.

– Ask the media to keep all the attendees’ privacy including name, location and profile, due to the existing cyberbully and hate messages received by the two post workers now.

– Media questions submitted through the chatting box have the priority to be answered. Raise hand function is also available.

2. the Land Acknowledgement

3. A speech by the post worker in Regina

4. A statement from the Canada Post worker who is suffering severe consequences of cyberbullying

5. A speech by a Chinese Canadian community member
6. A speech by a non-Chinese group member from Canadian community

7. A statement made by a Chinese Canadian community representative
8. Canada Post Worker and the ‘Support Post Workers, Refuse Disinformation’ panel answer media ‘s questions – tidy up the media questions and remind the time

10:50 am PST / 1:50 pm EST: remind time limited for 2-3 more questions 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST: Meeting Adjourned


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