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3月28日星期天下午2-3点,温哥华downtown美术馆门口#STOP ASIAN HATE集会,反对歧视亚裔、哀悼美国亚特兰大枪击案死难者、声援美国亚裔、呼吁加拿大社会各界警惕愈演愈烈的亚裔种族歧视。 活动参与者要求:必须戴口罩,保持社交距离! 本次抗议与全加拿大各城市同时进行,包括三联、Kelowna、卡尔加里、多伦多、渥太华等地。请大家踊跃加入,共同为亚裔的生存空间发声,为我们和孩子们在加拿大创造安全、公平的社会环境。 On Sunday, March 28th, at 2-3 pm, the STOP ANTI-ASIAN HATE rally at the entrance of Vancouver Downtown Art Gallery to oppose discrimination against Asians, mourn the victims of the Atlanta shooting in the United States, support Asian Americans, and call on all sectors of Canadian society to be vigilant against the growing Asian race Discrimination. Requirements: must wear a mask and maintain social distance! This protest was carried out simultaneously with cities across Canada, including Tri-City, Kelowna, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and other places. Please join us, speak up for the living space of Asians, and create a safe and fair social environment for us and our children in Canada. Event Facebook link Ins

#STOP Asian Hate Rally Open Letter



This disclaimer asserts that ACEA has made a purposeful statement multiple times that the rally on March 28th is a non-political, non-partisan protest. Our goal is to increase the awareness of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes against Asian Canadians. ACEA has also made it very clear that it is a peaceful protest. All participants were asked to respect the purpose of this rally.

We are Asian Canadians; we refuse to be labeled as anyone else because of our birthplace and family names. ACEA rejects any and all attempts to put a political label on our cause. Labelling ACEA as anyone other than Asian Canadians is pure racism.

ACEA website is the only official source of ACEA information. Any other sources about ACEA do not represent ACEA.

Thank you for your attention. We welcome you to join us in solidarity to promote multiculturalism and to stop anti-Asian hate crimes.

Asian Canadian Equity Alliance (ACEA)