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1. Asian Canadian Equity Alliance (ACEA) is a registered Non-Profitable Organization (NPO) in British Columbia, Canada. ACEA conducts this survey as a step of a social study project funded by the BC Government Multiculturalism Program. This online survey is delivered through SurveyMonkey, an online survey service provider. 2. The primary purpose of this survey is to gather data and opinions to examine the community’s most concerning issues, identify possible barriers that prevent the community’s effective participation in political life, and further understand the community’s current situation/position. 3. The survey is conducted in English and Chinese. Every participant (16 years & older) will be anonymous and no private data will be collected. 4. ACEA conducts the survey and the social study with Adler University’s support through the Social Justice Practicum program. 5. The survey and the study are non-partisan related and all voices and opinions from the community are welcome and collected.

1. ACEA是一个在加拿大BC省注册的非营利性组织。ACEA进行的这项社会调查是BC省政府多元文化基金资助的社会研究项目。这项在线调查使用Survey Monkey(网络调查服务)开展。 2. 本次调查的目的是收集数据和意见,以便更深入了解社区最关心的问题,并找出可能阻碍社区有效参与政治活动的障碍、和进一步准确了解社区现状。 3. 这项调查使用英文和中文进行。参与者(16岁及以上)将匿名参与,不会暴露个人隐私信息。 4. ACEA与Adler University合作进行此次的社会调查和研究。 5. 此次社会调查和研究与党派无关,我们欢迎所有来自社区的声音和意见。

#Social Study Report: Understand Our Community(调查报告:了解我们的社区)

#STOP Asian Hate Rally Open Letter



This disclaimer asserts that ACEA has made a purposeful statement multiple times that the rally on March 28th is a non-political, non-partisan protest. Our goal is to increase the awareness of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes against Asian Canadians. ACEA has also made it very clear that it is a peaceful protest. All participants were asked to respect the purpose of this rally.

We are Asian Canadians; we refuse to be labeled as anyone else because of our birthplace and family names. ACEA rejects any and all attempts to put a political label on our cause. Labelling ACEA as anyone other than Asian Canadians is pure racism.

ACEA website is the only official source of ACEA information. Any other sources about ACEA do not represent ACEA.

Thank you for your attention. We welcome you to join us in solidarity to promote multiculturalism and to stop anti-Asian hate crimes.

Asian Canadian Equity Alliance (ACEA)